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Advanced Materials

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Discover the benefits of our 3M™ Dynamar™ Polymer Processing Additives (PPAs) – fluoropolymer based additives enhancing the processing of high viscosity polyethylene like linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE, mLLDPE). PPAs from 3M have been specially designed to improve the extrusion of various thermoplastic polymers, resulting in a highly beneficial combination of optimised product quality and increased manufacturing output. The addition of PPAs is commonly applied in extrusion processes like blown and cast film, pipe, sheet, cable, compounding, extrusion blow moulding, monofilament, tapes, and fibres. By reducing the apparent viscosity of these resins and hence facilitating increased use of the resulting higher performance resin types in the film processing industry, Dynamar PPAs have gained wide spread commercial acceptance.


Mechanism of Action of Dynamar Polymer Processing Additives.



LLDPE Blown Film. A PPA functions by creating a dynamic, temporary fl uoropolymer coating on the die surface. This gives a low surface energy interface between the metal wall and the molten polymer stream, preventing drag, and allowing the melt to slip through the die more easily. Stresses are reduced in the die and consequently melt fracture is eliminated. In addition, the lowered apparent viscosity allows the polymer melt to fl ow more freely through the die, providing easier fl ow and pressure reduction. A major benefi t when adding a PPA to an LLDPE extrusion process is the elimination of surface melt fracture. Additional processing benefi ts include reduction of die pressure and extrusion motor torque. The processing window when using PPAs is enhanced, allowing for a potential reduction in extrusion process temperatures, an increase in extrusion output, a delay to the onset of die build up at the die lip, increased fl exibility in die geometry and the use of higher viscosity polymers


Properties of 3M™ Dynamar™ Polymer Processing Additives.





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